Servicing Aircon  

We provide both adhoc and contract base aircon servicing for our customers.

It is a good practice to have regular aircon servicing. It helps to maintain the aircon system in tip top condition and enable it to perform in greater efficiency. Servicing can prolong the lifespan of the aircon and reduces breakdown. For customers that prefer to DIY, you can check out the steps by steps guide at (

For customers that prefer to engage an aircon servicing company, we advise customers to sign up a contract with us so that we have full care of your aircon system. We check, monitor and maintain the system through out the period of the contract. Your aircon system is in good hands. You will enjoy having cooler air circulation, cleaner airflow, lesser consumption of electricity and more cost saving on the bills.

General Servicing includes:

  • Clean fan coil filters and cover
  • Clean blower and louvers
  • Clean water tray
  • Clean and check condenser coil
  • Vacuum drainage pipes
  • Test and operation run

Unit One Time
3 Times a Year 
4 Times a Year
1 $60 $180 $240
2 $70 $150 $200
3 $105 $225 $300
4 $140 $300 $400
5 $175 $375 $500
$210 $450 $600
* 7 units and above please call for quotation.
* All servicing come with 30 days warranty

Our charges are compatible with market price.
o hidden cost.  No extra charges. We absorb gst.

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