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Regular servicing helps to maintain the aircon system in tip top condition and enable it to perform in greater efficiency.

At Hydrocool, we recommend to do servicing every 3 or 4 months.

One Time Servicing
1 Unit    $60
2 Units  $70
3 Units  $105   …

Get cheaper rates when you take up a servicing contract with us.

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We provide troubleshooting for different type of issues and recommend the best solution for repair or replacement. We can fix it. 

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This service involves a thorough overhaul of the aircon fan coil unit. We will dismantle the whole fan coil and wash the essential parts with chemical.

We offer one of the best deal in Singapore.

Our price starts from $120 onwards
Enjoy 10% off for 3 units and above 

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Other Services

  • Top up gas
    Running low on gas?Our rates:
    R22 Gas $40 – $80
    R410 Gas $60 – $150
  • Emergency after office hour call
    S$60 per trip (*extra $10 in CBD area)

At Hydrocool, we do installation for all range of aircon systems including wall mount units, ceiling cassette, ducted aircon and windows casement units.

Call us to find out the latest promotional price for PANASinstallationONIC AERO SERIES.

Provide us your floor plan and we will plan the installation for you.

hydrcool floor planWe install for residential and commercial properties.

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